What Causes Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep Paralysis is a condition that affects people all over the world. It can be incredibly frightening and can be extremely frustrating and confusing for the sufferer.

The very best way to cope with sleep paralysis is to understand what causes it, and the things you can do to alleviate the problem.

In this article I will discuss some of the most common causes of the condition.

Fear Of What Happens Next

One of the most common sleep paralysis causes is a fear of what is going to happen next.

This can stem from a childhood experience where a parent or guardian has accidentally fallen on them whilst they were asleep. Since this experience was such a frightening experience for the child, they have developed sleep paralysis fears of falling down.

They are still afraid of this happening to them and will begin to feel paralyzed while they are still awake.

Sufferer’s Phobia

Another of the most common causes of sleep paralysis is a phobia that the sufferer has. In some cases, people develop a fear of falling, and will tend to suffer from sleep paralysis whenever they are awake and might fall.

This can also lead to feelings of nausea if they fall, leading to panic attacks as they try to get back to sleep.

Sleep Paralysis Remedies Both Pharma and Natural

There are a number of drugs that can cause sleep paralysis. The most common ones are those that depress the central nervous system, such as amphetamines and benzodiazepines (Benzodiazepines are a type of medication known as tranquilizers, like Valium and Xanax.).

These medications are often prescribed by doctors and are often thought to be helpful for some people suffering from sleep paralysis. However, people with sleep paralysis often find themselves in a situation where the medication isn’t working or simply isn’t comfortable and becomes addictive.

Benzodiazepines are dispensed to treat a range of symptoms, and different ones work for different concerns. For example, Valium is often prescribed to help people relax and to reduce muscle tension, while Xanax is dispensed to treat anxiety and panic disorders

You may want to consider this as a healthy and natural alternative to the addictive nature of pharmaceutical drugs, CBD Sleep Support Oral Spray. It has been used to calm anxiety and has produced great results.


Another thing that can cause sleep paralysis is panic. Panic disorders are often the cause of sleep paralysis.

For some people, this is as a result of their panic being triggered, and they start to experience an overwhelming amount of anxiety whilst they are awake. This is particularly common in people who suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and causes severe sleep paralysis when they wake up.

Lack Of Oxygen

Yet another cause of the condition is a lack of oxygen when a person is sleeping.

In this situation, they suffer from Hypoxia, which is where they go without adequate oxygen in their bloodstream, leading to severe symptoms of sleep paralysis.

People with severe hypoxia frequently find themselves at a loss for words, whilst others find it to be unbearable.

One of the most common causes of sleep paralysis is a lack of oxygen that causes the brain to be unable to sleep, leading to the inability to doze off.

This can be triggered by a number of factors, including blood circulation problems.

In some rare cases people are afflicted with sleep paralysis as a result of a parasite or bug. The symptoms are very similar to a viral infection, with the affected feeling extremely sleepy, but uncomfortable. This can be the result of something as simple as a tapeworm or a cold, or can be the result of a more serious condition such as leprosy.

Your situation probably is not as extreme as this, and probably can be narrowed down to anxiety and panic.

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