Video: 5 Things To Do If You Have A Hard Time Sleeping

In this video Dr. Matthew Walker and Joe Rogan talk about what
you can do to overcome insomnia, and what you can do if you have a hard time sleeping.

Some tips include:

1. Regularity
2. Light (especially the last hour before bed)
3. Cool Body Temperature
4. Napping
5. Biphasic sleep

You can also find more articles about each of these tips on this blog

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    • Prince
    • April 21, 2020

    About the light, I will put it into practice. Never thought of it that way . Nice short video, it helps

    • Oyeyipo Oladele
    • April 21, 2020

    With the 5 things to do if you have a hard time sleeping as contained in this video, we all will be relaxed. Thanks for this joy giving video.

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