Use Paradoxical Intention For Sleep


Paradoxical Intention is a fancy phrase for tricking yourself into trying to stay awake.

Instead of worrying about not sleeping, obsess about trying to stay awake.

Using reverse psychology by getting rid of the frustration of sleeping, and this may help you relax and actually fall asleep.
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This is a pretty cool and rare technique that I have never heard of, but it seems to work for some people, and what is better than tricking your brain into doing something that you actually want it to do, by telling it not to do it?

Let’s examine this a bit more:

‚ÄúSince good sleepers don’t use any “strategies” to fall asleep, one suggested treatment is paradoxical intention therapy.

Paradoxical intention therapy attempts to replacetrying to fall asleep” with “trying to stay awake”.

The aim of the technique is to get you to take a more passive role towards sleep by deliberately preventing your attempts to fall asleep.

How to use paradoxical intention therapy to improve your sleep:

In their book, “Insomnia: A Clinical Guide to Assessment and Treatment”,

Morin and Espie summarize the instructions for paradoxical intention therapy as:

1. When you are in bed lie in a comfortable position and put the lights out.

2. In the darkened room, keep your eyes open, and try to keep them open
just for a little while longer.
That’s your catch phrase.

3. As time goes by, congratulate yourself on staying awake but relaxed.

4. Remind yourself not to try to sleep but to let sleep overtake you, as you gently try to resist it.

5. Keep this mind-set going as long as you can, and if you get worried at staying awake remind yourself that is the general idea, so you are succeeding.

6. Don’t actively prevent sleep by trying to rouse yourself.
Be like the good sleeper; let sleep come to you.

The key take-away is this: stop trying to sleep. Sleep is involuntary.

Paradoxical intention therapy can help break the cycle of persistent insomnia (and no sleeping pills are required)!

There you have it people, go and try it out!

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