Earthing For Sleep PT2

Feeling grounded is such an important and amazing feeling!

Nothing beats it to be honest.

What would you pick over feeling completely out of your body and disassociated,

I feel that you would most likely pick the opposite which is the feeling of fully feeling your body and the surface you are laying or sitting on.

When you feel grounded, you are a less anxious.

Most anxiety rises from feeling super charged by all the energy around us, whether it be from other people’s energy, or just all the technology can make us feel “air headed”, and when it all feels like it is too much, that is when it is time to ground your body.

Feeling grounded helps with your sleep as well.

You know that feeling when you finally get to lay in bed after a long day and you feel like your vibrating or your hearts just beating fast, but you are trying to calm down, so you can sleep?

That bubbly feeling in your body is a sign of not being grounded, we all feel it, but there is something that can help, in this article I am going to show you a few facts about earthing mats that I have found and I want to share those facts with you.

“When you stop touching the earth, you’re not grounded anymore.

The rule of thumb is to stay grounded as long as possible, and as frequently as possible.

But, it’s not practical to spend hours every day walking barefoot outside.

Which is why the personal grounding was developed, and that work with your lifestyle today.

They use the ground port of any wall outlet to connect you directly to the earth’s charge.

Our Ground Smart solutions come with a grounding lead that connects you to the earth’s energy.

The lead is designed with two different ends; One to plug directly into the ground port of a wall outlet (it ONLY fits into the ground port) and the other that attaches to the connector on the half sheet.

Just plug it in, touch the conductive surface with your bare skin and you’re grounded as long as you keep in contact”

You can purchase your own earthing mat here:

That’s all for now, take care and stay grounded, it will truly help you with everything!

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