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In the previous article I told you guys about cold showers and how they can help induce sleep right before bed.

The only thing I want to expand on is giving you some more facts on why and how this actually works …

“The study from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine may have found
just such a viable, natural alternative for insomniacs.

The study looked at the effectiveness of a technique called frontal cerebral thermal transfer in alleviating
symptoms of primary insomnia. The technique, which involves cooling down the
pre-frontal cortex using a plastic cap covered with water circulating tubes, seeks
to slow down the metabolism in the frontal cortex and counterbalance the
increased metabolism in this part of the brain associated with insomnia.

Participants in the study included 12 women with primary insomnia and 12
women without insomnia who were similar in age. The study examined the sleep
patterns of each participant while they were wearing the cap and while they slept
without the cap.

To determine the effectiveness of the treatment, researchers
looked at the overall effectiveness of the technique and at the differences in
effectiveness experienced at different temperatures and when the treatment was
administered at different times in the wake-sleep cycles of the participants.

The research team found that cooling the brain of those with insomnia reduced
the amount of time it took them to fall asleep
and increased the amount of sleep
they got.

***This brough their results in line with the participants who did not have

On average, when given the highest intensity treatment, those with
insomnia were able to fall asleep in 13 minutes compared to the 16 minutes it
took their non-insomniac peers. Treatment also enabled those with insomnia to
get more sleep, matching the percentage of time their peers spent sleeping while
in bed at 89%. The overall effectiveness of the treatment is dependent on the
frequency and intensity with which it is administered.

Researchers believe this study provides a sound basis for future investigation that
may lead to the use of the brain cooling caps as a viable alternative for treating


So, try it out, take a cold shower before bed and see if it knocks you out the way it
did to a good bit of people so far.

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