Are You Anxious? This May Be Causing Your Insomnia

How can I stop my insomnia?

In this video Neuroscientist Matthew Walker answers the question regarding those people who cannot get themselves to sleep.

A few tips he covers for calming yourself down before you go to sleep:
-Writing In Your “Worry Journal”

Listen to the rest of his answer:

One comment that was incredibly interesting:

“You would never wait at the dinner table until you are hungry, so why would you lie in your bed until you are sleepy?”

There is an interesting book you can get on this subject:

What to drink to sleep faster?

Along with 12 weird ways to help you sleep, you’ll have to wait until around minute 10 (weird trick 11) where the “sleeping potion” is revealed!

Drinking this will reduce cortisol spikes which keep you awake.

What foods cause insomnia?

Sleeping and digestion are not compatible. Your body has to work on the food that you eat.

He goes through some of the items you should not eat.

A good rule of thumb is not to eat anything less than 3 hours before bedtime.

In this video listen to Joseph Murray MD explain:

You may want to look into his great book:

Get your blackstrap molasses here!

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